1959 Country Gentleman model 6122

Monday, September 23, 2013


The Country Gentleman model was Chet Atkins’ opportunity to “fix” all the features that he was obligated to endure on the Chet Atkins 6120 Signature model, but didn’t really like much.  So gone where the open sound-holes, screaming orange stained finish, and single-coil DeArmond Dynasonic pickups.  This new model (6122) was a professional instrument that suited both Atkins playing style as well as his more muted personality.  Introduced for the 1958 model year, only 100 were made. The 1959 model year brought a few refinements, including the “zero fret” feature and the earliest examples of the V-style Bigsby.  It was this model year that Chet’s personal instrument originated from. It was a favored guitar for many years.  Only about 150 of the ’59 model year examples were produced.  The one offered in this auction is all original and in spectacular condition.

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